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Sterling Silver Inlay Luxury Bed — Spider India

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Teak wood carved silver inlay beds

Silver ( White Metal Beds) This white metal wardrobe cabinet gives off an aura of both austerity and elegance with its impressive sheen. There are few wardrobe cabinets that can boast such a subdued sense of style while still exuding a great deal of sophistication. The metal practically glows with class, but that doesn’t mean it’s […]

Pure silver bed spider india

Silver bedroom furniture by Spider India
Silver bedroom furniture by Spider India


via Sterling Silver Inlay Luxury Bed — Spider India




WE ARE HANDICRAFT FURNITURE MANUFACTURES, TRADERS & EXPORTS SINCE 1999. Spider India is well-versed manufacturer and exporter & trader of Indian Wooden handcrafted furniture, Indian Bedroom Furniture, Indian teak Old Antique Reproduction Furniture - Indian Antique Furniture, Indian Ethnic Furniture, Silver (Chandi) Furniture, Indian white metal (German Silver ) Furniture, Wooden Carving Furniture, Brass Embossed inlay Furniture, Bone Inlay Furniture, M.O.P. Inlay Furniture, Indian handcrafted luxury Tents, Resort Tent, camping Tent, Swiss cottage Tent, Royal wedding tent, Indian Royal wedding Stage, Mandap, wedding thrones, Wedding chair, Sofa, Palki, & other Decorative Accessories. Spider India is located in Jodhpur, one of the beautiful city of the world, it called Sun city, there are deserts and heritage Havelis. There are also 5 star hotels that mentioned in world's top hotels. Jodhpur is also known for handicraft furniture and wooden crafts Jodhpur is located in Rajasthan in INDIA.

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